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Our Story

Prairie Proud was founded on the values of passion, community, and quality in April 2014. At Prairie Proud, we are committed to providing current and former prairie residents the opportunity to wear their pride in quality casual wear while investing back into the heart of the prairies through charity contributions.

"My Great Grandfather first settled on the Prairies back in the early 1900's and built the Barn seen above in 1912.  From a rural upbringing to a university education, the people & organizations of the prairies have shaped who I am. This concept is about being proud to call the prairies home while investing back in the areas we live & operate"
- Founder, Cole Thorpe  #prairieproud


Thorpe was born & raised on the prairies in the small community of Spy Hill which is located near the Saskatchewan / Manitoba border before moving to Saskatoon for his university education at the Edwards School of Business. Prairie Proud started in the spare bedroom of his apartment and has continued to evolve over the last 9 years. All of the product, which is proudly designed by Thorpe in Saskatoon, can be found here on our website, at our storefront location, and at pop up shops throughout the prairies. 



Whether it is playing pond hockey on a cold winter's day, spending a hot afternoon in the field, or volunteering at a local community event… we know the pride that exists in living on the prairies. We share this pride and want to give all prairie residents the opportunity to show the passion for where they come from.


The prairies would not be the same without the community support of organizations, events, and most importantly the people. No matter if you are from a rural town or a large city across the prairies, the sense of community and coming together for betterment always shines through. At Prairie Proud, we believe in the value of community investment and this is why we are committed to giving back to charities across the prairies who strive to improve quality of life. To date, we have contributed $92,000 & counting to prairie-based organizations who strive to make the prairies a better place to live today & tomorrow. Learn more here.


As someone who lives or has lived on the prairies, you understand the different types of weather one must be prepared for. Whether it be a frigid day in January or a beautiful July afternoon, you can count on Prairie Proud for quality casual wear made by responsible & ethical manufacturers.



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