Re-Opening Policies & Procedures


Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, it is not retail as usual in our physical storefront. We have learned from other small businesses and government guidance on the best practices to re-open safely for both customers & staff. 

To help understand what you can expect when visiting our re-opened storefront, we have provided a breakdown below. 

Please note, if you are feeling sick or have flu like symptoms we would politely ask that you stay home and do not put others at risk. 


Storefront Hours 

  • Our physical storefront will be open Tuesday through Sunday - 11am to 5pm 
  • With this being said, we are still encouraging customers to utilize our online store with FREE shipping over $99 or Curbside / In-store Pick Up 

Customer Limit 

  • In an effort to maintain social distance, we will be limiting the storefront to three (3) groups or five (5) customers at a time
  • If the store is at this capacity, staff will ask entering customers to wait outside until at least one (1) or more customers have left.

Safety Measures 

  • We will be adding the following safety measures during in-store visits 
    • Hand Sanitizer 
      • We will be providing hand sanitizer for all customers upon entering the store and at checkout
      • Staff will be using hand sanitizer or washing hands between assisting each customer 
    • Sneeze guard 
      • We have added a plexiglass sneeze guard on the counter for closer interaction at checkout.
    • Masks
      • Masks are now required when shopping in-store as per the Saskatchewan Health Authority. If you do not have a mask, we will provide a disposal option upon entering 
      • All staff will be wearing masks during in-store interaction 

Change Rooms 

  • We will allow for products to be tried on but only one (1) of two (2) change rooms will be available 
  • Between each use, staff will sanitize all touch points within the change room 
  • Any products which are tried on but not purchased will be placed in a plastic tote and held for 72 hours. We will use a new plastic tote each day while labeling the date on the lid. 


  • Customers will be asked to place items they would like to purchase at either end of the checkout desk. 
  • These items will be folded and bagged before proceeding to payment
  • We will be able to take contactless credit payments up to $250 and contactless debit payments up to $100. For payments in which a pin is required, staff will use hand sanitizer on the POS device before and after use. 
  • Cash is discouraged, but we will continue to accept it as a form of payment
  • Email receipts will be encouraged but we will be able to print a traditional or gift receipt if the customer would prefer.

Returns / Exchanges 

  • We will allow in-store returns & exchanges but follow similar protocols to if an item is tried on but not purchased mentioned above.

  • All returned / exchanged items will be placed in a plastic tote for that respective day and held for 72 hours

  • Between each return / exchange, staff will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash hands. 

Curbside Pick Ups 

  • In an effort to prevent additional customers in-store, we will continue to offer curbside instead of in-store pick ups. 
  • Contactless curbside pick ups will be available during storefront hours where we will deliver the order right to your vehicle 
  • Our “PICK UP” option can be selected at step 1 of checkout instead of “SHIP”; once the order is received, we will be in contact via email to set up a pick up time


If you have questions about our re-open policies, please email us at